Opening week and weekend: The Music Man

We opened The Music Man this week, and that marked the beginning of a new theatre in Bloomington. The Indiana Festival Theatre has finally opened its doors, and the many people who have planned and worked on the project (and enjoyed the process, too) have taken an appreciative sigh of relief and welcome.

The show itself is a nice one. Doris Lynch, the new reviewer at the Herald-Times, enjoyed herself, as may be seen in the opening paragraph of her review: ”

On the stage at the Wells-Metz Theatre Saturday night [She meant to write “the Ruth N. Halls Theatre,” I’m sure], stars sparkled over a footbridge and a man and a woman sang each other a love song. For a magical interlude the audience suspended disbelief and heard the year’s first crickets and breathed summer’s dank river smell. Just in time for the Fourth, the Indiana Festival Theatre’s first production charmed with its pomp and pageantry.”

Her complete review is here, but you’ll need a subscription to Herald-Times Online to read all of it.

Meanwhile, enjoy this preview video of the show, shot and edited by Brendan Michaelsen:

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