High-speed scenic construction

Like all of our technical support areas, the IU Theatre’s scenic studio began work this past Monday on the scenery for the first Indiana Festival Theatre production, Damn Yankees. And a lot of that work seems to be wrapping up. The bleacher units for the Washington Senators have been built and, as of Thursday morning, were being painted. There are many backing units, all designed by Fred M. Duer, which fly in to define the locales (the Boyd home and their neighborhood, the dugout, the locker room, the nightclub, etc.) are 2-dimensional pieces, constructed from wood and, built with a lot of negative space. We route out a lot of wood and reassemble the pieces into the backing scenery.

Here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of the studio’s progress.

Image of painter's elevation of the locker room unit for DAMN YANKEES

The painter’s elevation is prepared by Fred M. Duer as a reference for painting the set. This one shows both the locker room units and the piece used to identify the corridor in the ballpark.

Above, the painter’s elevation, lying on the set for one of the locker room units. The work remaining yesterday was finishing the details on the unit: painting the clothing that’s hung in the lockers, the duffel bags, etc.

A larger view of the locker room unit.

Already painted: a duffel and a pair of pants on a hanger.

This expanded view shows the unit in more detail. The locker room pieces will be hung from the flys and lowered (quickly) onto the stage to bring us into the locker room of the Washington Senators.

The set for Damn Yankees is, to say the least, coming along just fine, thanks to I. Christopher Berg and the crew of the scenic studio. No slouches, they.

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