Endings and Beginnings: THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS!

This Saturday we end the run of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!, and tonight we begin the run of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

Jay Ivey, playing the prelude on the Swineway.

Jay Ivey, musician, musical director, Doctor of Music, and pig-snout wearing keyboard accompanist, working the keys on the Swineway.

I was talking with The 3 Little Pigs!‘s house manager, Deana Nichols, and we were wondering how long we could have presented the play, which has literally been selling out every performance. Prior to each performance the children and their adult friends participate in a little workshop, where they decorate small, pink plastic cups, which, when tied around their faces, create little piggy snouts. Everyone is a pig, even musical director and accompanist Jay Ivey (whose piggy nose is a bit more professional and polished, just like his playing).

As promised, Robert Kauzlaric’s book and lyrics and Paul Gilvary and William Rush’s tuneful, contemporary music have been given a delightful production by director Chad Rabinovitz and Jay Ivey. There are obvious jokes in the script for children, playing against the familiar, ages-old story, and layered in there, lots of funny material for the grown-ups, who are often surprised how smart the play can be. It’s literally a good time for all.

Following the hour-long performance, the kids get to meet the cast at tables set up for conversation, picture-taking, and autograph signing. The actors remain in costume, but not in character, and the audience has a very good time.

Actor Matt Birdsong

A wide-ranging actor, Matt Birdsong plays about half the population of Piggsylvania in THE 3 LITTLE PIGS!: Maxwell, Billy Shears, Martha, and various other piggies, including the Bailiff of the Court.

Cast of THE 3 LITTLE PIGS! signing autographs after the performance

Here are the other actors in THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS!, signing autographs and talking with grown-ups and children (from lower center going up counter-clockwise): Charnette Batey (only seen by her ears, unfortunately), who played the Honorable Prudence Pig, judge of the court; Taylor Crousore, a.k.a. Alexander T. Wolf; Chloe Williamson, playing the ace reporter Lillian Magill; and Hana Slevin, the prosecuting pig who has never lost a case.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! plays for only two more days at 11:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. After that, most of the actors plan to hang up their curly tails, slather up with a protectant high in SPF rating, and acquire some terrific sun tans at the lake. If you want to see them after Saturday, they’ll be at the beach, bacon.

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