SPRING AWAKENING continues through Saturday: First review is in…

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“Both electrifying and lacerating, … “Spring Awakening” at IU theater reaches out to you with all the idealism and longing of youth,” writes Doris Lynch in her Herald-Times review (which, if you are a subscriber to the H-T, you can read here). “Masterfully directed by George Pinney with musical direction by Ray Fellman,” she goes on, “the ultra-talented cast sizzles with energy as it explores the hot-button issues of incest, abortion, suicide and sex (both gay and straight).

“German playwright Frank Wedekind wrote the script in 1891 in a time period before teens were considered a distinct subgroup. Yet, how well he captured the youthful idealism that even then was jotted down in journals and shared in heartfelt conversations. In this play, the clash of 19th-century mores and 21st-century music and lyrics creates a kind of fission.”

Lynch gives kudos to the cast, to new faculty member Liza Gennaro’s choreography (which is “visually striking” throughout, providing “too many ‘wow’ moments to enumerate”), to the design, and to orchestra conducted by Ray Fellman.

“Go see this fine production,” she concludes. “This musical is brilliantly conceived and executed, a work of art that you will long remember.”

We present SPRING AWAKENING tonight through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Ruth N. Halls Theatre at 7th and Jordan. There’s a Saturday matinee at 2:00 p.m., as well. More information about the play and tickets may be found here.

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