Picasso’s Women – A Peek Behind the Curtain

In art there are no rules.

I consider myself equal parts director and actor. Had you asked the freshman Juliet, my outlook would have been drastically different. And now I look back and the journey has been nothing that I expected and everything that I wanted.

At the beginning of this year I wanted a capstone project that would combine all of the methods, styles, and life lessons from my undergrad career. This search ultimately lead to the creation of my senior Honors Thesis: producing and directing Picasso’s Women by Brian McAvera. I planned this project in order to challenge my own artistic process and to create a common ground for artists on campus who wouldn’t regularly have the opportunity to meet. A play of female monologues told from the perspective of the mistresses and wives who inspired the legacy of the great painter, Picasso’s Women provides a unique view of when stage and canvas collide.

Working alongside committed, proactive friends and mentors in the department has taught me that collaboration is vital to the creative spirit. From the lighting, sound, and installation designers to the stage managers, actors, and director, the team of Picasso’s Women has set out to intentionally challenge each other to make bold decisions. We’re on a mission to create art that stirs the workings of the heart and mind in an evolution of change.

As director, this process has taught me that it’s neither my job nor purpose to decide what is correct, merely to constantly pursue the quest of intent.

Why are we making the decisions that we do? How can we improve?

Come 2014, Picasso’s Women invites you to abandon all expectations and to enjoy the unpredictable power of collaboration! Keep a look out for more posts on our process and in the mean time “like” our Facebook Page for a peek behind the curtain! https://www.facebook.com/PicassosWomenThesis

– Juliet Barrett, Undergraduate Senior Director/Actor 

About IU Theatre Department

Welcome to the 7th & Jordan blog. This blog is a peek behind the curtain at the productions and people at Indiana University's Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance.
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