Talking Tech: Projection Design in BBAJ

By Reuben Lucas, Projection Designer


The intent with the projections is four-fold; to comment on the subject matter, to set a location, to further the story, and finally to enhance the storytelling through emotional/mood based video imagery. Additionally, the goal of the projections is to support the overall environment and to enhance the audience’s understanding and emotional reaction to the story.

The overall style of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson allows for the incorporation of the very modern aesthetic of projections into this historically based rock musical rather nicely. At times the projections are very concert-like with large, bold and exciting visuals supporting the rock songs; while other moments the projections take a back seat to the story and are more subtle. The use of projections also allows for the integration of a modern political statement using recorded video of a news announcer (similar to a 24 hour news station).

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Lucas.reuben2014Reuben Lucas (Projection Designer) is the Assistant Professor of Scenic Design at Indiana University’s Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance. His designs have been seen onstage at the Denver Center Theatre Company, National Theatre Conservatory, Theatre Aspen, Indiana Festival Theatre, Curious Theatre Company and others. Previously, he was the resident scenic design associate at the Denver Center Theatre Company, where he worked on more than 40 productions with nationally known designers. Some other companies he has worked with include: Santa Fe Opera, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and Hope Summer Repertory Theatre. Reuben is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829.

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