Tempestuous Personalities

Jfiles6By James Nelson

The cast of The Tempest has been living and breathing their characters for weeks. We checked in with them to see how they’ve gotten to know their characters, and pitched them a few super serious questions. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite line you get to say in the play?

Caleb Novell (Mariner, Islander): “All is lost!”

Tara Chiusano (Trinculo): “Thou liest!”

Reid Francis Henry (Gonzalo): “This Tunis sir, was Carthage.”

Matthew Murry (Prospero): “TEMPEST!”

How would you describe your character in two words?

Erin Logan (Miranda): Wild child!

Juan Mores Castillo (Sebastian): Narcissistic opportunist.

Devin May (Ferdinand): Reformed womanizer.

Reid Francis Henry (Gonzalo): Still talking.

If your character was a kind of pasta, what would they be?

Ashley Dillard (Caliban): Lasagna, layered with young scamels and pignuts.

Courtney Relyea-Spivack (Ariel): Angel hair.

Erin Logan (Miranda): Mac n’ cheese.

Matthew Murry (Prospero): Spicy TEMPEST puttanesca?

If your character started their own island country, what would they use as currency?

Tara Chiusano (Trinculo): Purple rocks.

Courtney Relyea-Spivack (Ariel): Clouds.

Caleb Novell (Mariner, Islander): Rum.

Nick Munson (Adrian): Not sure, but Gonzalo’s silence would be priceless.

If your character had to invent a new curse word that doesn’t exist yet, what would it be?

Athena Kopulos (Ariel): Fssssss (like a fire-ish noise).

Reid Francis Henry (Gonzalo): Moonlifter!

Devin May (Ferdinand): Crabtroll!

Juan Mares Castillo (Sebastian): Assenmouth (n.): someone who talks too much, often rambling about proceedings in which they have no knowledge.

Complete the sentence, as your character:”I’m so hungry I could eat a _____________”

Nick Munson (Adrian): Magical plate of island food!

Athena Kopulos (Ariel): Forest.

Ashley Dillard (Caliban): Literally anything but urchins. I’m scared of those.

Matthew Murry (Prospero): TEMPEST!

Complete the sentence, as your character:”When there’s smoke, there’s…”

Tara Chiusano (Trinculo): Fish smell.

Courtney Relyea-Spivack (Ariel): Wind to make it worse.

Erin Logan (Miranda): Probably my dad.

Matthew Murry (Prospero): A TEMPEST!

Complete the sentence, as your character:”A bird in the hand is worth…”

Ashley Dillard (Caliban): Eating.

Tara Chiusano (Trinculo): A butt of sack.

Caleb Novell (Mariner, Islander): Nothing to a mariner.

Matthew Murry (Prospero): TWO TEMPESTS!

If your character wrote their memoirs, what would the title be?

Athena Kopulos (Ariel): A Flame Contained

Tara Chiusano (Trinculo): The Lowest of the Low: Living the Life of a Jester

Devin May (Ferdinand): Riches to Rags: Losing All to Find Everything

Matthew Murry (Prospero): THE TEMPEST!

See our actors in action! Visit the show page for ticket information and to see what these folks look like without their makeup!

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