Calling all planes!

By Rinjisha Roy


From left: Mike Nappi, Onur Alakavuklar, Aaron Chandler, and Benjamin Smith. Scenic design by David Wade in Bloomington Playwrights’ Project’s CALLING ALL KATES

On a stormy Thursday night, an aeroplane was seen coming in for a landing in Bloomington. Wait a minute – the airport’s over on the west side! So where was it going? Well, here’s what I can tell you – if you visit Bloomington Playwrights Project between now and April 15th, you can see for yourself!

BPP’s current production, Calling All Kates, is a delightful musical set ON an aeroplane, featuring the pilot and his crew as musicians! The plane is where two strangers, Marc and Kate, meet and set out together on a world tour. Through scary encounters in caves, and exciting adventures in foreign lands like Paris and Tokyo, the two navigate between worlds to ultimately find strength and comfort in each other, making their relationship a lasting one.

Having watched the play myself, I was impressed not just by the story, but also the way it was delivered to audiences. From musicians who play a variety of roles to adding special effects in recreating starry night skies in faraway lands, the musical promises fun and lively entertainment to anyone seeking respite after a long, hectic week.

And, of course, if you still haven’t gotten your fill of flight, head over to IU Theatre’s upcoming production The Drowsy Chaperone, where this musical-within-a-musical also features a plane that “lands” on stage!

Since these aeronautical wonders are only in town for a short while, make sure you find them at Bloomington Playwrights Project’s Calling All Kates, with shows at 7.30pm April 6th through 8th,  and April 13th through 15th. And IU Theatre’s The Drowsy Chaperone, coming to the Ruth N. Halls Theatre April 14th-22nd.

Make sure you find a spot before the planes take off forever!

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