Theatre Geek of the Week: Trish Hausmann

Theatre Geek of the Week is an IU Theatre blog series where you can meet some of the students, faculty and supporters of IU’s Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance!

Meet Trish Hausmann!

1. What do you do at IU, and why do you do it?

I house manage every performance, stage manage the Premiere Musical every summer, teach entertainment management courses, and mentor stage managers.

2. When did first you realize you were a theatre geek?

When I was 3 years old, my parents were involved in a local community theatre production. My mom needed to do something backstage, so she handed me off to the people working front of house. They put a stack of programs in my hand and told me to give them to people. I’ve been a theatre geek ever since.

3. What is your favorite thing about the theatre, and why?

I love new work. Particularly new musicals, but anything new is great for me. I love the freshness and the spark of creativity that’s part of each new work. Being part of something that’s never been done before is thrilling.

4. What is one project you’ve undertaken at IU that has taught you the most?


Las Vegas Entertainment Management class outside the Blue Man Group Theatre at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

5. When no one is watching, what song do you love to dance or sing along with?

It’s usually something from Passing Strange. I was the original workshop stage manager for the show, a couple years before it hit Broadway. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun in a rehearsal room! “Keys,” “Come Down Now,” and “Love Like That” are my favorites.

6. Who in the theatre world inspires you, and why?

The students. The passion and drive that they have is powerful.  It makes me want to do everything I can to nurture it.

7. Do you have any words of advice for new theatre students?

Try everything! Don’t think that just because you came here to do one thing that another thing isn’t going to grab you. Try out puppetry, acting, circus arts, management, writing, directing, and design. Give something out of your comfort zone a shot. You never know if it’s going to be the thing you end up doing professionally. (It happened to me!)

8. What is one exciting project you are currently working on, or have coming up?

In the spring I’ll be teaching Theme Park Entertainment Management, which includes a trip to Disneyland in May. I’ve been working hard on planning the trip and preparing the class. It’s a lot of work, but so much fun!

9. Would you want to work in the industries covered in the three classes you teach (theme parks, Las Vegas, and cruise ships)?

As much as I love Vegas and cruising, I don’t really want to work in either industry myself. I cruise pretty often for vacation though! In theme parks, I’d want to be a producer with Disney Event Group. They do all the event management, like weddings, conventions, and special groups. They get to help people have magical moments all day. Now that’s something I’d love to do!

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2 Responses to Theatre Geek of the Week: Trish Hausmann

  1. Catherine Holzhauser says:

    Hi Trish,

    You may not remember me, but I am Francesca Arostegui’s Mom. She was a BFA from 2008-2012 and I would travel from CA to see all her shows. You really stood out to me because not only were you very good at what you do, but you truly seemed to love your job and be as excited about every show as this Mom of a performer! It is one of the best things in life to find out what you’re good at and get to share your passion with others. Thank you for all you do to make IU the best theatre program ever!


    • pjhausma says:

      Aw! Thanks so much Cathy! I do indeed remember you and Francesca well. I hope all is well for you back in California!

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