7th and Jordan Spotlight Series: Elizabeth Grace Davis


Aaaaaand we’re back, with a spotlight on another of our MFA Thesis Project students. Today we bring you Elizabeth Grace Davis, candidate for her MFA in Costume Design.

How do you feel the costume design for Big Fish is the culmination of your time here at IU, both in the classroom and onstage? What drew you to the show?

Lizzie: Over my past three years at IU I have grown a lot personally and professionally. I feel like the costume design for Big Fish is a great accumulation of everything I have learned here: plays on colour and pattern, using unique materials, crafting, dying, etc… I think this show really challenged me to think outside of the box in the terms of challenging what we decide is reality. This show has so many fantastical elements that pushed me, and the whole design team, to make bold choices and create magical moments. Moreover, this piece is all about the journey that the people go on throughout their lives, and taking the audience on this journey seems very fitting for my thesis show.

Thoughts on the joys of working with Rich?

Lizzie: Rich has been an absolute joy to work with! He is someone who loves to just bounce ideas back and forth, which is all the better for the show. Each time I read the Big Fish script, or see a run-through, I see a new layer to the story. Having sat in on quite a few rehearsals, I have really enjoyed watching rich and the actors dissect the intricacies of the script and peel back the layers of the characters.

Fun facts – where ya from, hobbies, pets, what you do to unwind after a long day of class and rehearsal, fave current tv show (or podcast)?

Lizzie: I’m originally from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Solon. I have one dog, Sophie, and one cat, Kit Kat. They are the loves of my life. After class, I mostly work on my next show or homework, but I do love baking and cooking. I cure my own extracts and love to make soap when I have the time. I have also really gotten into eco-printing and dying. This past summer my sister and I started our own baby wear business using all organic and environmentally sustainable techniques and fabrics.  My favourite tv show is currently Derry Girls, thanks to Eleanor Owicki!

And finally, toilet paper. Over or under?

Lizzie: ​Over. Always! I have a graphic of the patent showing that that’s how it should be!!!

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