7th and Jordan Spotlight Series: Naomi S. Gold


With Big Fish up and running, we’re back yet again with a spotlight on Naomi S. Gold, MFA candidate in Lighting Design fulfilling her thesis with her work on Big Fish.

How do you feel the lighting design for Big Fish is the culmination of your time here at IU, both in the classroom and onstage? What drew you to the show?

Naomi: What firstly drew me to the show was the fact that it is all about storytelling and things that are larger than life. Which can be quite fun for a lighting designer since lighting is a device used for visual storytelling. This production has been a great culmination of my time here at IU because it (indirectly) show my organizational skills with how I have to keep everything in order, between follow spots, drafting, cueing the book scenes versus the music, etc. This production has required all of my skills to work together in order to produce a design that its cohesive and helps tell the story of Big Fish.

Thoughts on the joys of working with Rich?

Naomi: Rich has been absolutely amazing to work with. From the start, he and I have had great conversations on the story and how we want to use lighting as a device to bring that story to life. In a way, this production can really relate to everyone in a personal manner, and I really believe that helped Rich and I connect with both one another and the musical.

Fun facts – where ya from, hobbies, pets, what you do to unwind after a long day of class and rehearsal, fave current tv show (or podcast)?

Naomi: I’m from Aurora, Colorado. I love to spend my time outdoors, especially in the Rocky Mountains. I also enjoy reading and I am a huge fanatic of pinball machines. Both old and new. I’m also still a kid in the fact that I still collect pressed pennies as souvenirs from every place I go… I even got some when I was in Israel! To unwind, I tend to make a cup of tea, put on my pajamas and fuzzy socks and either watch tv or read until I fall asleep. My all-time favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy; it can’t get better than that!

And finally, toilet paper. Over or under?

Naomi: Toilet paper is most definitely over, not under. If you look at the patent for the toilet paper roll, it specifies that the roll must go over and not under 😂

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