Conference on interculturalism in theatre to be held at Indiana University

November 21, 2014


Lucienne Guedes Fahrer (University of São Paulo/Teatro da Vertigem)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind – Lucienne Guedes Fahrer is a theatre artist and educator from Sao Paulo, Brazil who specializes in playwriting and collaborative approaches to theatre. She will be the keynote speaker for ART@IU’s Cultural Indigestion (colon) Exploring the Complexities of Interculturalism in Theatre and Performance conference, to be held at Indiana University from December 12-13th. The conference will involve graduate and undergraduate paper presentations, a roundtable on collaboration, and performances of new work.

The call for papers states the conference theme of Cultural Indigestion is: “Oswald de Andrade published his Cannibalist Manifesto, asserting Brazilians’ right to cannibalize other cultures and break free from post-colonial European dominance… This raises certain questions that do not sit easy on the stomach: Can cultural appropriation function in the way Andrade proposes? Is the metaphor of cannibalism or digestion appropriate for interculturalism? What are the stakes for the participants in intercultural performance?”

Theatre PhD student Eric “C” Heaps, President of ART@IU, talks about the beginnings of the symposium, “Three years ago there was a War-Making Bodies Symposium held here at IU started by [PhD theatre student] Sara Taylor. We wanted to continue hosting a graduate symposium here so we formed ART@IU to do just that.” ART@IU stands for the Association for Research in Theatre at Indiana University, an organization dedicated to creating and promoting research and dialogue about theatre in all its forms. “We tried to bring in Lucienne Guedes Fahrer to our conference last year but the complications were too much. We are very excited that we finally got her here this year.”

ART@IU is sponsoring the conference with the Spanish and Portuguese Department, and the Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance. Guedes Fahrer will also be presenting a lecture to Portuguese language students on the collaborative process of creation and be leading workshops on actors in site specific performance. She has written over 18 plays and most recently represented Brazil at the Messe Frankfurt Exposition in Germany.

Guedes Fahrer’s play I didn’t Expect Such Humanity will have its English language premier as part of the events of the conference. A staged reading of an adaptation of The Poisonwood Bible will happen during the conference as well.

Papers will be presented on topics from Post-colonial Indian theater, Native American clothing representations, Brecht in China, North Korean Opera, and Marxist musicals.

IUSA-Official LogoOn Tuesday, November 18th, Art@IU received the good news that they received a grant from IUSA for the 2014 Conference.


WHAT: Cultural Indigestion (colon) Exploring the Complexities of Interculturalism in Theatre and Performance. Conference and Symposium sponsored by ART@ IU, the Spanish and Portuguese Department, and the Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance.

WHEN: Conference December 12 and 13th. Some workshops, lectures and performances will take place in the week before. Opening event December 12 from 4:30-6pm in the Mathers Museum of World Cultures.

WHERE: The Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 416 N Indiana Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408

Lee Norville Theatre and Drama Center, 275 North Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405

COST: Free!

For more information, contact Amy Osajima at or Eric Heaps at or visit



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