IU Contemporary Dance Students Collaborate with the Jacobs School of Music in HAMMER & NAIL

March 26, 2015

Bloomington, Ind –  For the tenth year running, Indiana University Contemporary Dance in partnership with the Jacobs School of Music will present Hammer & Nail, a unique collaboration between student dancers and the IU Student Composer Association.

Led by IU Dance professor, Selene Carter, each fall student composers and dancers embark on an eight-month collaborative process, culminating in over a dozen short performances at the Buskirk Chumley Theatre. For the students, the challenge is develop the music and the dance concurrently, one complementing the other.

Hammer & Nail is a FREE EVENT! It features 16 original short works: a diverse lineup of styles and approaches, from hip-hop, to structured improvisations, to an exploration of traditional Tunisian folk music.

“I’m so proud that we’re able to provide this experience for our students, because – even in the professional world – it’s actually quite rare to work with live, original music. And there are so many important experiences to be gained from collaborating with musicians,” explains Carter. “It’s so important that they go through a process of critical review: How do you give constructive feedback? How do you help your peers do their best work, while staying positive? These are skills that are vital for contemporary artists.”

According to Jeffrey Hass, Jacobs faculty composer advising on this project, “Hammer and Nail” is “one of the great successes of intercampus collaboration, which I expect will continue for many years to come. It is an experience which takes the students out of their own comfort zones and leads to an understanding of the process of artistic sharing, both in formulating and negotiating creative ideas that they would not necessarily have in their own programs alone.”

The performance will consist of two programs. Program A will be performed at 6:30 p.m., and Program B at 8:30.

Program A includes choreography by Katie Landrum, Eryn Blair, Alejandro Fonseca, Leah Fournier, Kelly Bangs, Amelia Koper, Nick Heinzen, and Chelsey Cioli.

And music composed by Rob Esrock, Chris Neiner, Josh Clampitt, Max Ramage, Francisco Cortes-Alverez, Kevin Hartnett, Kim Osberg, and Jordan Lenchitz,

Program B includes choreography by Emily Forche, Geneva Moore, Lorena Sanchez, Sydney Harmon, Charlotte Twitchell, and Krista Zozulia.

And music composed by Paul Mortilla, Matt Recio, Abel Esbenshade, Patricia Wallinga, and Nidhal Jebali.

WHAT: Hammer & Nail, a collaboration between IU Contemporary Dance and the Jacobs School of Music Student Composer Association

WHEN: April 14tha and 15th, Program A: 6:30, Program B: 8:30

WHERE: The Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, 114 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington In

TICKETS: FREE EVENT. Donations to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank encouraged.

For more information about IU Contemporary Dance, contact Selene Carter at sbcarter@indiana.edu, and for the Jacobs School of Music, musicpub@indiana.edu


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