Audition Board

Audition notices will be posted here as they are received. If you would like to post a notice, please email with the following information: Project Title, Date(s) of project (time commitment for rehearsal/run), Audition date(s), Audition location, CONTACT information, a cast breakdown (ex. 4M, 4W or if it’s a project where gender doesn’t specifically matter, Ensemble of 8).  Any other information about the project is optional. Last-minute, hair-on-fire notices might not be posted. We post opportunities from outside of our department, so please note:
Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance production titles are in red.

IU Bloomington “Firsts”
Blueline is producing a short video for IU Bloomington, and we need awesome college-aged individuals like yourself in various roles!
The commercial will be dozens of brief moments from the student experience illustrating ‘firsts’. Your role will probably be quite simple and easy, such as your first time walking through the arboretum, your first time meeting your roommate, or your first time going to an IU basketball game.
To be casted for specific scenes please include a headshot. If you’d rather be a background character, that’s okay too! We have several scenes where we’ll need 20+ extras who just need to be excited.
Please forward this to anyone who may be interested in Bloomington over the next 3 weeks. Here’s the quick details:
Location: Bloomington, In
Time: Various, but we can work around your schedule.
Time Commitment: Less than 2 hours for most scenes.
How to get involved: Email with your availability over the next 3 weeks.
Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!
Kevin Weaver
Owner/Executive Creative Director, Blueline
212 W. 4th St. Bloomington, IN 47404