Audition Board

Audition notices will be posted here as they are received. If you would like to post a notice, please email with the following information: Project Title, Date(s) of project (time commitment for rehearsal/run), Audition date(s), Audition location, CONTACT information, a cast breakdown (ex. 4M, 4W or if it’s a project where gender doesn’t specifically matter, Ensemble of 8).  Any other information about the project is optional. Last-minute, hair-on-fire notices might not be posted. We post opportunities from outside of our department, so please note:
Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance production titles are in red.

Main Talent and Extras Information – Active Aggressor Video
Lead Roles:
Active Aggressor
     – Caucasian / Male – Student (Needs to be available for both August 3rd and 4th)
Run Talent – Has On-Camera Lines
– Diverse / Female – Student
Hide Talent – Has On-Camera Lines
– Diverse / Male – Student
Fight Talent – Has On-Camera Lines
– (Grad Student) – Faculty or Teacher
Takedown Talent – Has On-Camera Lines
– Caucasian / Female
Calls Dispatch  – Has On-Camera Lines
– No Preference – Male or Female
Supplementary Roles:
Introduction Scene – (2) Students
Run Scene – (6) Students
Hide Scene – (20) Students
Fight Scene – (2) Students
Takedown Scene – (2) Students
Flexible talent that is available at any time over the course of a day
If anyone wants to be involved in the video but they don’t want a main role, we could use a couple extra students each day. This spot is only necessary if we have enough students to fill the other supplementary roles. If not, then this section does not matter.
Indiana University – Active Agressor Shot List with Talent – 01