Audition Board

Audition notices will be posted here as they are received. If you would like to post a notice, please email with the following information: Project Title, Date(s) of project (time commitment for rehearsal/run), Audition date(s), Audition location, CONTACT information, a cast breakdown (ex. 4M, 4W or if it’s a project where gender doesn’t specifically matter, Ensemble of 8).  Any other information about the project is optional. Last-minute, hair-on-fire notices might not be posted. We post opportunities from outside of our department, so please note:
Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance production titles are in red.

MSCH C-228 Final Project
My section is currently working on our studio final project and we are in need of people to do some easy acting this Thursday (4/20). Our project consists of: a commercial for a game show, a fake news segment (a la SNL’s Weekly Update), and a cooking show segment.
We are in need of:
3 people from 12:45-2:00 (game show segment)
1 person from 1:45-3:15 (fake news segment)
1 person from 3:00-4:30 (cooking segment)

This is a great opportunity to experience working on a television set in a very low stakes, low pressure atmosphere.
If you have any time to come down to the studio (Telecom building studio 5) and do some acting or have any questions, please email me at :

Department of Sociology Dissertation Project – WITH PAY
I’m looking for 10 actors (2 black men, 2 black women, 2 white men, 2 white women, and 2 actors of other racial groups of either gender)
to be in a series of short video vignettes for my dissertation project (I’m a PhD candidate in sociology).
The videos will be based on classroom behavior.
Actors will be hired as temporary student employees in the Department of Sociology, and I can pay actors between $9 and $10/hr depending their student status. Actors will be paid for their time recording the videos as well as rehearsal times. The actors are welcome to use the final videos for any demo reels of their work.
Filming in mid-June and actors need to be available for the first half of the summer. Interested applicants should send me an email with a resume, summer availability, and a headshot by May 1st. Please email me with any questions or concerns.