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Audition notices will be posted here as they are received. If you would like to post a notice, please email with the following information: Project Title, Date(s) of project (time commitment for rehearsal/run), Audition date(s), Audition location, CONTACT information, a cast breakdown (ex. 4M, 4W or if it’s a project where gender doesn’t specifically matter, Ensemble of 8).  Any other information about the project is optional. Last-minute, hair-on-fire notices might not be posted. We post opportunities from outside of our department, so please note:
Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance production titles are in red.

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The Mathers Museum of World Cultures will be hosting a live, interactive Scooby Doo Mystery Tour. Cast members will be portraying different members of Mystery Inc. They will each be asked to lead groups in character while solving a mystery, with different scripted points. In the end, they will unmask the villain and celebrate. There will be snack food at the event.
Event Date: March 26th 2 pm-3:30 pm 1:30 call time
Contact: for full character descriptions
Apply by 21st of March: Include picture and resume if possible as well as level familiarity with the series. Fun cast for single performance that requires the ability to improvise and follow a script. Must resemble character (2f, 2m, 1 non gender specific).
Daphne Blake –  the enthusiastic, but clumsy and danger-prone  damsel in distress. Red hair-medium to long in length · Average to tall, slim figure
Fred Jones – takes the lead in solving mysteries. Blond, broad-shouldered · Average-tall
Scooby Doo – the pet and lifelong companion of Shaggy Rogers and is regarded as a unique Great Dane dog. Cowardly and perpetually hungry. Character Voice.
Shaggy Rogers – a cowardly slacker more interested in eating than solving mysteries. Light brown to dark, dirty blond hair · Facial hair preferred · Tall and skinny
Velma Binkley – usually portrayed as highly intelligent with interest in science. Brunette hair short to medium in length · Short to average, curvier figure

Directed by Katie Horwitz
The roles of Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude have been cast. All other roles are open.
Show Dates: April 24, 25, 26
Auditions: will be held March 6th 6:30-8:30 with callbacks on March 7th in room 060.
There will be no audition slots, just stop by with an Elizabethan or Jacobean verse monologue (from a play other than Hamlet). No more than 60 seconds. Bring a headshot and resume.
If you are interested, but cannot attend, please email Katie at

Are you interested in acting in a student short film? Here’s your chance!
Looking for two women ages (18-24) to act in a student short titled “Apart” about break-ups and knowing when to move on. The anticipated film dates are Friday 3/31 and Saturday 4/1, times are TBD.
If interested, e-mail with name, phone number, headshot, and most recent role played either on stage or film.
Auditions are on Monday 3/6 from 12 to 3 in Franklin Hall room 221.
Summary: While Lily is in the grocery store she runs into her ex, Kate, who has moved on and is dating someone else. Lily leaves the store upset, but Kate follows her to the parking lot where they have a brief confrontation. Lily realizes it’s truly over and finally begins to move on.


Directed by Brendon BeMent
Sunshine is the story of a young girl who wakes up alone in a mysteriously empty farmhouse. After thorough preparation, she attempts to escape the compound on a bicycle, however, as she exits the house the young girl is pursued by a masked figure wielding an axe. Her pursuit for freedom fails and she wakes up again in the same bed the next morning. As she gets out of bed the young girl notices a pattern of red x’s covering the ceiling above her, revealing that the prior escape was certainly not her first attempt at freedom.
Roles: 1 Female Lead
Young Girl- Quiet, determined an overall unemotional person. Not until the monster begins chasing her do we see any portrayal of terror. Fear does not overtake her emotions until the climactic ending in which the monster captures her. This short film has no dialogue, so it’s entirely actions & interactions between the protagonist and the antagonist.
Shooting Dates: Saturday March 25th, Sunday March 26th, and Saturday April 1st
Auditions: will be held Friday March 3rd from 12-2PM in Franklin Hall Room 130P– part of the IDS offices- parking available at the Atwater Parking Garage or metered parking on Kirkwood.
Email for an audition slot. Sides will be provided.


Directed by Kurt Rohn
Phantom is the story of an artist struggling to compose a classical piece of music for class. During a stretch of three nights, a phantom song begins to echo throughout the empty building. The main character begins searching for the source of the mysterious music until ultimately composing the song itself.
Roles: 1, Either Gender
Main Character: No speaking parts, acting entirely with actions. Would prefer some experience playing the piano, most of the action is searching for the music throughout an empty building.
Shooting Dates: TBD- End of March & early April
Auditions: will be held Friday March 3rd from 12-2PM in Franklin Hall Room 130P– part of the IDS offices- parking available at the Atwater Parking Garage or metered parking on Kirkwood.
Email for an audition slot. Sides will be provided.